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UMGC Affordable Online Degrees, Programs & Courses

UMGC Affordable Online Degrees, Programs & Courses

University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) offers a wide variety of respected online degrees and certificates. These programs are perfect for people wanting to enhance their career skills or knowledge. They’re very flexible, with transfer credit options and a reasonable cost.

UMGC is proud to be named one of the Best Online Learning Schools in the U.S. by Newsweek for 2022. Many of its graduate offerings have also won awards for being innovative, affordable, and excelling in distance learning.

Key Takeaways

  • UMGC offers a wide range of accredited online degrees and certificates
  • Programs are designed for working adults with flexible schedules and transfer credit options
  • UMGC has been recognized for innovation, affordability, and distance learning
  • Explore online education and distance learning opportunities at UMGC
  • Take advantage of affordable tuition and career advancement through UMGC’s programs

Earn Accredited Online Degrees at UMGC

The University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) has affordable and flexible online degree programs for working adults. These programs are great for advancing your career or starting a new one. With UMGC’s online education, you can achieve your goals.

Flexible Programs for Working Adults

UMGC knows that adult learners have many commitments like work and family. They’ve designed online programs that let you learn when it suits you. You can access your classes and materials at any time. This makes studying fit right into your busy life.

Transfer Credits Accepted

At UMGC, you can use past education or professional training to earn your degree faster. They make getting credit for what you already know simple. This can save you time and money on your degree.

Affordable Tuition

Going for a degree shouldn’t cost a fortune. UMGC is all about making quality education affordable. They have low tuition rates and offer many ways to help with the costs. This includes help for military families, scholarships, and payment plans.

Explore Online Bachelor’s Degrees

At the University of Maryland Global Campus, there are over 30 online bachelor’s degrees to pick from. These programs are designed for busy people. They help you get ready for the changing job world.

High-Demand Fields

UMGC offers online degrees in many fields. This includes business, cyber security, data science, healthcare management, and IT. These programs prepare students well for learning online or from a distance.

Develop Career-Focused Skills

UMGC’s online bachelor’s programs often include a special capstone course. This lets students use what they’ve learned and gets them ready to think critically and solve problems. It’s a practical way to get ready for futures studies.

Flexible Transfer Credit Options

UMGC welcomes students bringing in past education, work, and military service. This can speed up earning your bachelor’s degree. With UMGC’s online and remote options, you can fit learning into your life.

Advance Your Career with Online Master’s Degrees

At UMGC, there are over 40 online master’s degree programs ready for you. These programs are built to boost your career and take you to the next level in your education. You can choose from popular fields such as biotechnology, management, business, or teaching. The best part is they are widely recognized for being innovative, affordable, and excellent for online learning.

Over 40 Master’s Programs

UMGC offers a broad range of online master’s degrees. This means you have plenty of options to pick the right one for you. Whether you want to dive deeper into a subject or learn new skills, UMGC has something for everyone. These diverse programs are perfect for working adults looking to improve their professional worth.

Concentrations and Specializations

What’s great about UMGC’s online master’s programs is the chance to focus on your goals. You can choose from various specializations to customize your education. From tracks in cybersecurity, data analytics, and project management to studying public administration and healthcare management, UMGC lets you sculpt the skills you need to shine in your career.

Gain Job-Ready Skills with Undergraduate Certificates

At University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), you can boost your job market value. Just take one of our many online undergraduate certificates. These programs are short but focused, allowing you to learn key skills in areas like computer networking, digital marketing, and human resources quickly.

Computer Networking

The Computer Networking certificate from UMGC shows you how to build and manage computer networks. You’ll learn about network security and how to solve problems. This knowledge will help you get IT jobs that are in high demand. It also prepares you for certifications in the field.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing program gives you real-world and theoretical know-how in online advertising. You’ll also dive into search engine optimization and social media marketing. With this certificate, you’re ready to lead digital campaigns and use data to make marketing better.

Human Resources

UMGC’s Human Resources certificate focuses on HR management and talent development. You will learn about compensation and how to plan for your workforce. This prepares you to work in the fast-changing area of human resources.

UMGC’s certificates are designed to fit your schedule and career goals. They will help you stand out in the job market. You’ll be ready for bigger opportunities in your industry.

Visit the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) website at for loads of info. You’ll find details on various online degree programs and certificates. Plus, there’s lots of help for students, too. Here, you can check out all that UMGC offers, including its easy way to learn and financial aid.

The site is super easy to use, meaning both new and current students can quickly get what they’re looking for. If you’re thinking about getting an accredited degree online, this is your place. It’s also great for adults looking to further their education or anyone wanting to try out flexible learning options.

Expand Your Expertise with Graduate Certificates

UMGC offers online graduate certificates to meet today’s workforce demands. These certificates help professionals boost their skills. They do this without the need for a complete master’s degree.

Cloud Computing

The program in Cloud Computing at UMGC teaches students about the latest cloud technologies. This includes understanding cloud systems and managing cloud apps. With this knowledge, students can find jobs in this fast-growing field.


Every company is focusing more on Cybersecurity. UMGC’s Cybersecurity certificate gives students the needed skills. They learn to assess risks, respond to cyber attacks, and use advanced security tools. This helps to keep businesses’ data safe.

Project Management

The Project Management certificate at UMGC is for leading complex projects. Students learn important project management methods and tools. This prepares them for leading roles across various industries.

Earning a graduate certificate helps you grow professionally. It keeps you updated with the latest industry trends. And it can open new doors for your career, all through online learning at UMGC.

Pursue Doctoral Programs Online

UMGC offers online doctoral programs beyond bachelor’s and master’s degrees. You can study for the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or the Doctor of Management (DM). This allows you to complete your education at the highest level via distance learning.

The online doctoral programs are tailored for adult education and continuing education. They let experienced professionals gain advanced skills. With the flexible learning options, you can study while working.

These programs help professionals improve leadership skills, inspire innovation, and impact their industries. You can start your path to excellence with UMGC’s online education

Associate Degrees for Non-Maryland Residents

UMGC believes everyone should have easy access to quality education, no matter where they live. We have online associate degree programs open to people outside Maryland. This includes military members and their families.


Our online business associate degree gives a solid start in key business areas like accounting, marketing, and management. It’s perfect for those aiming for entry-level jobs or wanting to study business further at the bachelor’s level.

Computer Studies

Interested in tech? UMGC’s online computer studies associate degree might be for you. It covers important topics such as programming, networking, and cybersecurity. This prepares you for jobs in the quickly growing world of online education and distance learning.

With these accredited online programs, UMGC supports adult learners and those seeking to continue their education, including military and veterans. It helps them lay a strong foundation for both their academic and career goals.

Choose a Program by Subject Area

At UMGC, students have many options in online education and distance learning programs. These cover lots of subjects. If you need adult education, continuing education, or flexible learning, UMGC has top-notch accredited online programs for you.

Business & Management

Work on your business and management skills with UMGC’s online degrees and certificates. These include areas like accounting, finance, marketing, and project management.


Get ready for a career in cybersecurity with UMGC. You’ll find online programs in information assurance, digital forensics, and cyber operations.

Data Analytics

Learn valuable data analysis and visualization skills through UMGC. There are online programs in business analytics, data science, and IT.

Education & Teaching

Become a better teacher or start a new job in education with UMGC. There are online programs in instructional technology, education policy, and special ed.

Healthcare & Science

Check out UMGC’s online programs in health management, public health, and more. Stem your career in healthcare, a fast-growing field, with these courses.

IT & Computer Science

Set your sights on an IT or computer science career with UMGC. Find online programs in computer networking, software development, and cybersecurity.

Liberal Arts & Communication

UMGC helps you hone your communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Take online courses in English, communication, and liberal studies.

Public Safety

Ready for a public service career? UMGC offers online programs in homeland security, criminal justice, and emergency management.

Student Success Stories

At the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), students tell of their life-changing experiences with the online education programs. These distance learning stories show UMGC’s impact. They highlight the importance of having flexible, affordable, and career-focused adult education and continuing education.

Sarah, a mother of two, earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online with UMGC. She balanced work and family thanks to UMGC’s flexible learning. «The accredited online programs and supportive faculty changed my life,» she said.

John, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, found UMGC’s remote study perfect for his needs. He smoothly moved from military service to his Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management and Policy. «Continuing to serve while studying was possible because of UMGC,» he shared.

Student NameDegree ProgramImpact on Career
SarahBachelor of Science in Business AdministrationBalanced family and professional goals, accelerated career growth
JohnMaster of Science in Cybersecurity Management and PolicySeamlessly transitioned from military to civilian career, enhanced expertise
EmilyBachelor of Science in Computer Networks and CybersecurityDeveloped in-demand technical skills, landed a rewarding IT position

Emily, a single parent, got her Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity from UMGC. She equipped herself with skills that led to a great IT job. She thanked UMGC’s accredited online programs for her success.

These stories show UMGC’s life-changing impact. Its online programs help people make their dreams a reality. UMGC offers flexibility, affordability, and accredited programs to push people forward.


UMGC is dedicated to bringing you many accredited online degrees and certificates. This approach gives working adults a chance to get a high-level education. They offer flexible programs, ways to transfer credits, and low costs. This helps people learn new skills and boost their careers.

Their programs cover many fields like business, cybersecurity, and data analytics. The success stories show how these programs changed lives. They help students move forward in their education and careers.

Want to get a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree? Or maybe a certificate for specialized knowledge? UMGC’s [] online platform is here to help you. It offers the flexibility and support to reach your dreams. See what UMGC has to offer and find new chances for growth.


What types of online degree and certificate programs does UMGC offer?

UMGC has many online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. It also has certificates in different areas. These include business, cybersecurity, and education. Healthcare and information technology are some options too.

How flexible are UMGC’s online programs?

The online programs at UMGC are very flexible, perfect for working adults. They offer flexible schedules and the chance to transfer credits. This makes it easier to balance work, family, and study.

Does UMGC accept transfer credits?

Yes, UMGC lets you transfer credits from your past courses or work experience. This helps you complete your degree more quickly.

How affordable are UMGC’s online programs?

UMGC’s online programs are affordable. They also offer lots of ways to save money. This includes discounts for the military, financial aid, and payment plans.

What types of online bachelor’s degree programs does UMGC offer?

UMGC has over 30 online bachelor’s programs. These focus on skills for jobs that are needed today. Many programs offer a final project to show what you’ve learned.

What online master’s degree programs are available at UMGC?

There are more than 40 master’s programs at UMGC. They cover areas like biotechnology and teaching. Plus, they have won awards for their quality and flexibility.

What online certificate programs does UMGC offer?

UMGC has certificates for jobs like computer networking and human resources. They help you learn important skills quickly.

Does UMGC offer online doctoral programs?

Yes, UMGC has online doctoral programs. You can study business or management with a DBA or DM. This lets you do advanced research online.

Does UMGC offer associate degree programs?

UMGC has associate programs too, for those outside Maryland and for the military. They focus on business and computers. It’s a great start for more education or a new job.

How can I find the right online program at UMGC?

UMGC has a big list of online programs to choose from. You can find the perfect match on their website. Look for programs that fit your interests and goals.

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