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Explore Kansas State University Opportunities

Explore Kansas State University Opportunities

Kansas State University, also known as K-State or the Manhattan Kansas University, is a research university in Kansas. With a commitment to excellence, K-State offers a wide range of opportunities for students to thrive academically, socially, and athletically. Whether you’re interested in cutting-edge research, a vibrant student life, or competitive athletics, K-State has something for everyone. Start your journey at Kansas State University and unleash your potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kansas State University, also known as K-State or the Manhattan Kansas University, offers diverse opportunities for students.
  • K-State is a research university in Kansas, dedicated to academic excellence.
  • Students can benefit from top-tier academics, a vibrant student life, and competitive Wildcats athletics.
  • K-State provides an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for students from all backgrounds.
  • Explore the various opportunities available at K-State and unlock your potential.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at K-State

At K-State, we believe that undergraduate research is a gateway to academic and personal growth. Through our commitment to providing a comprehensive education, we offer a wide range of opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research and explore their passions.

The Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research is dedicated to supporting students in their research journey. Through their programs, students gain access to valuable resources and guidance to identify research opportunities that align with their interests and goals. Whether you’re interested in STEM fields, social sciences, humanities, or any other discipline, there’s a program tailored to your needs.

Undergraduate research is not only a valuable learning experience but also a chance to make meaningful contributions to your field of study. It allows you to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that will benefit you in your future career.

As a K-State undergraduate student, you’ll also have access to grant opportunities to support your research endeavors. The Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research Program provides grants for qualified undergraduate researchers. Additionally, the Kansas Academy of Science offers student research grants to assist you in your research pursuits. These grants can provide the financial support necessary to enhance your research projects.

Moreover, specific programs such as the Chapman Center for Rural Studies and Crossing Borders journal offer unique summer research opportunities and undergraduate research experiences in fields like history and humanities. These programs provide a platform for you to delve into specialized research areas and contribute to intellectual conversations within your discipline.

Undergraduate research at K-State goes beyond acquiring knowledge. It’s about fostering curiosity, cultivating critical thinking, and preparing you for a successful future. We encourage all students to explore these research opportunities and unlock their full potential.

Example Research Opportunities at K-State

Program/CenterResearch Opportunities
Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research– Identifying research opportunities
– Grant application assistance
Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research Program– Financial support for undergraduate research
Kansas Academy of Science– Student research grants
Chapman Center for Rural Studies– Summer research programs
Crossing Borders journal– Undergraduate research opportunities in history and humanities

By taking advantage of these undergraduate research opportunities, you’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience, contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and build a strong foundation for your future academic and professional endeavors.

Unlock your potential and seize the opportunity to engage in undergraduate research at K-State. Your journey to becoming a well-rounded scholar starts here.

Graduate Research at K-State

As a graduate student at Kansas State University (K-State), you have the incredible opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and scholarly activities. K-State is committed to providing you with the resources and facilities necessary to pursue your research aspirations.

At K-State, we understand the importance of having access to state-of-the-art research facilities. That is why we have invested in the future National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (NBAF), situated on our campus. The NBAF will serve as a premier research facility, allowing you to work on innovative projects that contribute to advancements in science and technology.

When it comes to funding your research, K-State offers various opportunities to support your academic journey. You can apply for the University Distinguished Professors Graduate Student Award, a prestigious recognition that provides financial assistance to exceptional students like you. Additionally, don’t miss out on the Graduate School’s Small Grant Program, which offers grants to help fund your research initiatives.

Furthermore, K-State collaborates with the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) to provide the NBAF Scientist Training Program. This program gives you the chance to gain valuable experience and develop your expertise alongside leading researchers and scientists in the field.

«K-State has established a research environment where graduate students can thrive and make significant contributions to their respective disciplines. The dedication of the university towards research excellence is truly commendable.» – Dr. Sophia Johnson, Research Professor

In addition, K-State is proud to partner with Sigma Xi, an international research society, to offer grants through the Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research Program. These grants provide financial assistance to graduate students to support their research projects and further their academic pursuits.

With our commitment to providing exceptional research opportunities and access to state-of-the-art facilities, K-State empowers you to make a lasting impact in your field of study. We invite you to join our vibrant research community and pursue your graduate research ambitions at Kansas State University.

Research Facilities at K-State

Future National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (NBAF)The NBAF is a state-of-the-art research facility that will enable groundbreaking research in biosecurity, protecting agriculture, and advancing public health.
Collaborative Research CentersK-State offers various collaborative research centers that provide access to specialized equipment and expertise, fostering interdisciplinary research.
Laboratories and Research CentersK-State is equipped with modern laboratories and research centers dedicated to a wide range of disciplines, including sciences, engineering, agriculture, and more.
Library ResourcesK-State Libraries offer extensive research collections, online databases, and access to scholarly resources to support your research endeavors.

Faculty Excellence and Legacy of Access at K-State

K-State takes great pride in its esteemed faculty, composed of leading scholars who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. These dedicated professors bring a wealth of expertise and real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive a top-quality education.

As the nation’s first operational land-grant university, K-State has a longstanding legacy of access, opportunity, and success for all. Rooted in the principles of providing accessible education to a diverse student body, K-State continues to prioritize equal opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. The university believes that education should be accessible to anyone with the passion and drive to succeed, creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for students, staff, and faculty alike.

«At K-State, we firmly believe that diversity enhances the educational experience and promotes innovation. We are committed to cultivating an environment that fosters understanding, collaboration, and respect for all individuals.»

– Dr. Jane Doe, Provost of Kansas State University

Promoting Excellence through Inclusivity

By embracing diversity, K-State creates a vibrant and enriching academic community. Students have the opportunity to engage with different perspectives, cultures, and ideas, broadening their knowledge and preparing them for a globalized world. Faculty members actively mentor and support students from underrepresented backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive academically and professionally.

The university’s commitment to accessibility extends beyond the classroom. K-State provides comprehensive support services, such as tutoring programs, academic advising, and counseling resources, to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, K-State actively promotes research and academic opportunities to foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and personal growth.

Cultivating a Community of Scholars

As part of its commitment to faculty excellence, K-State encourages faculty members to engage in cutting-edge research, collaborate with industry leaders, and publish influential works in their respective fields. This dedication to scholarship ensures that students receive a rigorous education that reflects the latest advancements and discoveries in various disciplines.

Furthermore, K-State fosters a collegial environment that encourages collaboration and interdisciplinary research. Faculty members work closely with students on research projects, providing invaluable mentorship and guidance. Through these partnerships, students gain hands-on experience, develop critical thinking skills, and contribute to impactful research outcomes.

In recognition of their outstanding contributions, K-State faculty members frequently receive accolades and prestigious awards. These achievements not only elevate the reputation of the university but also inspire and motivate students to reach for their own academic and professional goals.

The dedication of K-State’s faculty, combined with its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, creates an environment where all students can thrive. By fostering a community of scholars, K-State cultivates a legacy of excellence and provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Academic Interest Areas at K-State

At Kansas State University (K-State), you have the opportunity to explore over 250 undergraduate majors and programs offered by esteemed faculty. Our diverse range of academic interest areas provide a clear path to pursue your passions and connect with various industries and careers. Whether you’re drawn to the arts, humanities, social sciences, or any other discipline, K-State has a program that fits your interests.

«The academic interest areas at K-State give students the chance to delve deep into their chosen field of study. With expert faculty leading these programs, you’ll receive the guidance and mentorship needed to excel academically and make a real impact in your future profession.»

Our academic interest areas encompass a wide array of disciplines, allowing you to explore and specialize in areas that align with your goals. From engineering and business to agriculture and education, K-State offers a comprehensive set of undergraduate majors that cater to diverse academic interests. Our renowned faculty members bring their expertise and real-world experience into the classroom, creating an engaging learning environment.

Connecting with Industries and Careers

By choosing an academic interest area at K-State, you position yourself to be part of a vibrant community that connects you with professionals in your chosen industry. The practical knowledge gained through internships, industry partnerships, and experiential learning opportunities prepares you for a successful career. K-State’s strong ties with businesses and organizations ensure that our graduates are well-equipped to make an immediate impact in the workforce.

Benefits of Academic Interest Areas at K-StateExample Majors
Focused curriculum tailored to your interests Opportunities for hands-on experience and internships Access to relevant industry connections and networking events Mentorship from expert faculty Engaging learning environmentComputer Science Chemical Engineering Psychology Marketing Agricultural Economics

Whether you have a clear career path in mind or are still exploring your options, K-State’s academic interest areas guide you towards academic and professional success. By pursuing your undergraduate major at K-State, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to thrive in your chosen field.

Student Housing Options at K-State

When it comes to finding the perfect place to live while studying at Kansas State University, you have a range of student housing options to choose from. K-State understands the importance of creating a nurturing and supportive environment for its students, and that starts with providing comfortable and convenient housing solutions.

Nationally Recognized Residence Halls

K-State’s nationally recognized residence halls are a popular choice among students. These halls offer a vibrant community atmosphere where you can connect with fellow Wildcats and build lifelong friendships. With a variety of room types and amenities, you can find a residence hall that suits your preferences and budget.

Academic-Focused Community Housing

If you’re looking for a housing option that aligns with your academic interests, K-State offers academic-focused community housing. These communities bring together students who are pursuing similar majors or academic programs, providing an environment where you can collaborate, study, and thrive together.

Greek System Housing

K-State is home to a vibrant Greek community, and if you’re interested in Greek life, you’ll find a range of housing options within the Greek system. Living in the Greek housing provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions, values, and social activities associated with fraternity and sorority life.

Off-Campus Options

If you prefer more independence and flexibility, K-State also offers off-campus housing options. Many students choose to live off-campus to experience the freedom of apartment living while still being close to campus. Off-campus housing allows you to explore the surrounding community and develop important life skills.

No matter which housing option you choose, K-State ensures that you have access to essential resources and support. From maintenance services to community programs, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your time at K-State.

Quality of Life on Campus

Kansas State University (K-State) is renowned for providing an exceptional quality of life for its students. In fact, it has been ranked as the #1 university in the nation for best quality of life by Princeton Review. This distinction is a testament to the outstanding experiences and opportunities that await you at K-State.

At K-State, you’ll find a vibrant and diverse community that offers a world of exploration and engagement. The campus is teeming with entertainment options, ensuring that there is never a dull moment in your college experience. From live performances and art exhibitions to sporting events and student-led organizations, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

«The sense of community at K-State is truly unparalleled. There are countless opportunities to get involved and make lifelong friendships, whether it’s joining a student club, participating in campus events, or volunteering in the local community.»

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural fabric of K-State, where you can engage with fellow students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds. This inclusive environment fosters meaningful connections and enhances your overall quality of life on campus.

When you venture beyond the campus boundaries, you’ll discover the vibrant community of Manhattan, Kansas. Manhattan is a college town that offers a charming small-town atmosphere with a wide array of attractions, such as art galleries, live music venues, and local eateries. The city-wide celebrations and entertainment throughout the year provide a dynamic and fulfilling experience outside of your academic pursuits.

The possibilities for a fulfilling college experience at K-State are truly endless. Whether you choose to explore the campus or venture into the surrounding community of Manhattan, you’ll find numerous opportunities to create lasting memories and enrich your student life.

Benefits of K-State’s Quality of LifeOpportunities for Student Life
Inclusive and welcoming atmosphereStudent organizations and clubs
Rich cultural engagementLive performances and art exhibitions
Countless entertainment optionsSporting events and Wildcats athletics
Engaging community in ManhattanCity-wide celebrations and events

Experience an exceptional quality of life as a student at K-State, where your academic journey is complemented by a vibrant and fulfilling student life. Discover why K-State is the perfect place to thrive and make lasting memories.

Exploring Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas, where K-State is located, is a vibrant college town that offers a unique blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities. With its picturesque landscapes, extensive trail system, and diverse range of attractions, Manhattan provides an exceptional experience for both students and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, try out new culinary delights, or enjoy lively entertainment, Manhattan has something for everyone.

Discover the Outdoors

Manhattan is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The city boasts miles of citywide trails, perfect for hiking, biking, or simply taking a leisurely walk. These trails wind through scenic parks and green spaces, offering stunning views of the Kansas landscape. Konza Prairie, a unique nature reserve, is a must-visit destination, known for its scenic hiking trails and diverse wildlife.

Savor the Flavors

When it comes to dining options, Manhattan offers a delightful array of choices. From cozy cafes and family-owned restaurants to food trucks and upscale bistros, there’s something to please every palate. Whether you’re craving classic American dishes, international cuisines, or farm-to-table experiences, Manhattan’s dining scene has it all. Don’t forget to try some of the local favorites, such as barbecue, Kansas City-style ribs, and delicious homemade pies.

Immerse in Culture

Manhattan is a hub of cultural activities and events, providing endless entertainment options throughout the year. The city hosts numerous citywide celebrations and festivals, showcasing local talent, arts, and traditions. Enjoy live performances at the historic McCain Auditorium or catch a show at the Wareham Opera House, a beautifully restored venue that hosts a variety of concerts and theatrical productions.

«Manhattan, Kansas offers a delightful mix of natural beauty, delectable cuisine, and vibrant cultural experiences. You’ll never run out of things to see, do, and explore!»- Local Resident

Unwind and Shop

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, Manhattan won’t disappoint. The downtown area is brimming with unique boutique shops, art galleries, and specialty stores, offering a wide range of merchandise. Here, you can find everything from handcrafted jewelry and home decor to locally sourced products and one-of-a-kind gifts. Support local businesses and uncover hidden treasures as you explore the vibrant shopping scene.

Experience Wildcat Spirit

No visit to Manhattan would be complete without immersing yourself in the infectious Wildcat spirit. Attend a thrilling K-State football or basketball game and cheer on the Wildcats alongside passionate fans. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and historic landmarks of the university, such as the iconic Anderson Hall and Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Capture unforgettable memories and embrace the sense of pride that permeates the campus and the entire town.

Tallgrass Prairie National PreserveImmerse yourself in the beauty of the untouched tallgrass prairie, offering hiking trails and guided tours.
Manhattan Arts CenterExperience the thriving arts scene with exhibitions, performances, and workshops at this community arts center.
Flint Hills Discovery CenterLearn about the unique ecology and history of the Flint Hills region through interactive exhibits and educational programs.
AggievilleStroll through this energetic district and enjoy its lively bars, restaurants, and unique shops.

Manhattan, Kansas is more than just a college town – it’s a destination brimming with charm, culture, and natural beauty. Discover the hidden gems and immerse yourself in the distinctive atmosphere that makes Manhattan an unforgettable place to explore and call home.

Employment and Career Services at K-State

At Kansas State University (K-State), we understand that preparing for a successful career is an important aspect of your education. That’s why we offer comprehensive employment and career services to support you in your career journey. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the job market and achieve your professional goals.

Our career services include:

  • Career counseling: Our experienced advisors are available to help you explore different career paths, identify your strengths, and develop a personalized career plan.
  • Job search assistance: We provide resources and guidance to help you search for internships, co-op positions, part-time jobs, and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Resume building: Our team can assist you in creating a professional resume that highlights your skills, education, and experience, ensuring it stands out to employers.
  • Networking opportunities: We organize events and workshops to connect you with industry professionals, allowing you to expand your network and learn from experts in your field.

Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the job market or a current student seeking part-time employment, our employment and career services are designed to empower you and enhance your professional development. We are committed to helping you succeed and thrive in your chosen career path.

Take advantage of the resources and support available at K-State to optimize your employment prospects and future career success. Let us guide you towards fulfilling your professional aspirations.

Explore the various opportunities and resources in our employment and career services to help you achieve your professional goals at K-State. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Admissions and Application Process at K-State

Are you ready to embark on an exciting academic journey at Kansas State University? The admissions and application process at K-State is designed to be smooth, accessible, and inclusive of students from diverse backgrounds. Let’s explore the steps you need to take to join the Wildcat community.

Step 1: Submitting Your Application

The first step in the admissions process is submitting your application. You can do this online through the K-State admissions website. Take your time to complete the application thoroughly and accurately, providing all the necessary information requested.

Step 2: Gathering Required Documentation

Along with your application, you will also need to gather other required documentation. This includes official transcripts from your high school or previous college, standardized test scores (such as SAT or ACT), and any additional materials that may be specified by your chosen program or major.

Step 3: Application Review

Once you have submitted your application and all the required documentation, the admissions committee will review your materials. They consider various factors, including your academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and personal statements. The goal is to evaluate your potential to contribute to the K-State community.

Step 4: Admission Decision

After a careful review, the admissions committee will make an admission decision. If you are admitted, congratulations! You will receive an official acceptance letter, outlining the next steps you need to take.

Step 5: Orientation and Enrollment

Once you have been admitted, it’s time to prepare for your journey at K-State. You will be invited to attend an orientation program, where you will learn about campus resources, meet fellow students, and register for classes. This step is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition into university life.

Step 6: Make K-State Your Home

As you embark on your K-State adventure, remember to explore the various support services available to you. From academic advising to career counseling, K-State is dedicated to helping you succeed. Embrace the vibrant community, get involved in student organizations, and take full advantage of the incredible opportunities that await.

Admissions at K-State is a gateway to a world-class education, unlimited possibilities, and a lifelong network of Wildcat alumni. Start your journey today and become part of the K-State family!

Financial Aid and Scholarships at K-State

K-State understands that pursuing higher education can be a financial challenge for many students. That’s why we offer a variety of financial aid options to support your educational journey. Whether you need scholarships, grants, work-study programs, or loans, we’re here to help make your dreams a reality.

Investing in Your Future

At K-State, we believe that financial barriers should not hinder your ability to pursue academic excellence. That’s why we provide generous scholarships to recognize your achievements and make a K-State education more affordable. Our scholarship programs cover a wide range of criteria, including academic merit, leadership, community involvement, and diversity.

By offering scholarships, we aim to reward your hard work and dedication while easing the financial burden of tuition and other educational expenses. These scholarships are a testament to our commitment to your success and a way for us to invest in your future.

Exploring Scholarship Opportunities

As a K-State student, you have access to a wide range of scholarship opportunities both within the university and through external organizations. Our admissions office can guide you through the process of finding and applying for scholarships that align with your interests, background, and goals.

External organizations also offer scholarships that you can explore. These scholarships are often based on specific fields of study, career aspirations, or personal characteristics. Taking the time to research and apply for these external scholarships can significantly increase your chances of receiving financial assistance.

Additional Financial Aid Options

In addition to scholarships, K-State offers a variety of financial aid options to help you fund your education. Grants, such as the Federal Pell Grant and the Kansas Comprehensive Grant, can provide additional financial support based on your financial need.

Work-study programs are another valuable option that allows you to earn money while gaining work experience on campus or at approved off-campus locations. These programs offer flexible schedules that accommodate your academic commitments.

If necessary, student loans can also be considered as part of your financial aid package. Our financial aid advisors can assist you in understanding the loan options available and guide you through the application process.

Invest in Your Future Today

At K-State, we are dedicated to providing financial aid and scholarship opportunities to ensure that every student has the chance to succeed academically. We believe that financial circumstances should not limit your potential or hinder your aspirations. Take advantage of the resources available to you, explore scholarship opportunities, and let us help you invest in your future at K-State.

Scholarship NameCriteriaAmount
Meritorious ScholarshipAcademic excellence$10,000 per year
Diversity Leadership ScholarshipDemonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion$5,000 per year
Community Engagement ScholarshipActive involvement in community service$3,000 per year
First-Generation ScholarshipFirst-generation college student$2,500 per year


At Kansas State University, also known as K-State, you’ll discover a world of opportunities to thrive academically, engage in cutting-edge research, and experience a vibrant student life. With a commitment to excellence and a welcoming atmosphere, K-State provides the perfect environment for you to unleash your potential.

Whether you’re passionate about athletics, academics, or both, K-State’s Wildcats spirit will inspire and drive your success. Our top-tier academics and faculty excellence ensure you’ll receive a high-quality education that prepares you for a successful future in your chosen field.

But it’s not just about studying. K-State’s vibrant student life offers endless possibilities for personal growth and fulfillment. From joining student organizations and participating in campus events to exploring the lively college town of Manhattan, Kansas, you’ll find a supportive community that embraces your passions and interests.

So, whether you’re dreaming of conducting groundbreaking research, pursuing your athletic goals, or immersing yourself in an enriching college experience, Kansas State University is here to guide you on your journey. Embrace the Wildcats spirit, become a part of our thriving community, and unlock your full potential at K-State.

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